History of Bob's Gun and Tackle Shop Inc.
           Bob's Gun & Tackle Shop, Inc. was founded in 1962 by
       Bob and Wilma Hayes. The business is still owned and operated
       by the Hayes family. 
           The first building was a small 9'X12' structure behind their
       home. Their merchandise mix included 16 firearms, a little ammo,
       a few reloading supplies, and a few other odds and ends but
       certainly not enough to fill the tiny building. Business prospered
       and they added on two more times before finally moving to their
       current location in 1968.
          They worked hard at the business while raising a family at the
       same time. The business has grown several times over the years. 
       Today Bob's Gun & Tackle Shop has over 15,000 square feet
       of floor space. Their merchandise mix now includes firearms, 
       ammo, hand loading supplies, archery, fishing, camping, clothing,
       and footwear items. Bob's Gun & Tackle Shop is known by customers
       from all over the state of Michigan due to their reputation
       for having the best customer service possible and keeping in stock
       what their customers need when they need it. 
          Bob's Gun & Tackle Shop has always placed a high priority on
       customer service. That commitment has kept many of their original
       customers coming back again and again.